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Residential and commercial plumbing in Hillsborough, NC

Whether you need plumbing repairs or a new system installation, it is important to have the work done by a licensed plumber. Doug Jones of After Hours Plumbing and Pump Service is a local Senior Plumber and can ensure your home or business is equipped with an efficient and reliable plumbing system. Best of all, After Hours Plumbing and Pump Service is available at your convenience for no extra charge.

General plumbing

Repairs on leaky faucets and clogged drains. Also includes installation of water systems for remodeling projects as well as garbage disposals.

Water heater installation

Removal of defective water heater (if applicable) and installation of new unit. Tankless and energy efficient units available.

Water heater repair

Repairs involving pilot light, pressure valve and water temperature issues. Repairing a water heater yourself can be dangerous, rely on an experienced plumber for water heater repairs.

Toilet repair

Clogged drains and malfunctioning tank systems. These issues can typically be resolved quickly and inexpensively.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Re-positioning pipes to accommodate new layouts and installation of new plumbing fixtures.

Call today for residential and commercial plumbing issues in the Hillsborough, NC, area.

Even small plumbing repair or installation projects should be handled by a professional plumber to ensure the job is done correctly and complies with local codes. Since quality plumbing services are essential to your home and business, we offer them at times that work for you, at a reasonable price. Call us today at 919-732-7588.